Saturday, October 6, 2012


                     I recently confided in this blog a long time and forgotten dream . I thought about it over night and I realize I have a problem . I believe in my writings yesterday that I have set for my self high bar to go  by . This don't mean I want to lower my standard ; it just means I will have to work harder on it .
                  Right now the biggest thing is where do you get started and find inspiration . Where do I find a story that is worth being considered to be that Great American Novel . Do I wait for it to find me . Do I just keep getting my practice writing this blog till the story finds me ,much in the way the idea for this blog found me .How do recognize that story as that novel that I looking to for . When it finds me how do I get started on it . Should I just go and live my my life as I always have .Yet at the same time watch the world evolve around me .All the while study the people around me as I travel though my daily life . You know I have never given this much thought in the past . I think at times I just went blindly through motions of my life .
                 Yes I have many memories of my life ;yet really did not give much notice to the details . Heck most of the time I was just in the moment . Just living the experience not really giving much thought to looking back . Never thinking that I might want to use the experience for some thing in the future . Which I think many of us do in our life . Some of the the experiences I probably was just glad I got through it . So should I consciously be looking for that Great American Novel . Or should I just continue with the day dream and just let it come to me one day . I am afraid that if I try to hard to find it in me that I may miss the mark . Well I believe I will just keep on living and let it find me . When that time comes you know where you will find me , In front of this laptop ,tapping the the keys as it pours from the end of my fingers as they touch the keys .
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